COUPLES THERAPY/MARRIAGE COUNSELING   


Couples come to therapy for many different reasons. Some couples begin therapy when they are having difficulties in their relationship. This may be prior to commitment, marriage, or at any time in the life of the couple. I work with gay and straight couples. Frequently, problems related to raising or having children, money and/or sex cause couples to seek treatment. For many couples, one or both partners may be unhappy with the relationship. He/she may feel unheard or often misunderstood. The couple’s relationship begins to deteriorate and communication suffers. A major part of my job as a couples therapist is to help each member of the couple learn how to stand in the other’s shoes. If partners can understand each other’s experience without fear of having to give up their own sense of what is true, communication improves and good feelings are restored.

Some couples seek therapy before problems occur. They wish to improve their relationship by addressing the everyday issues that come up and cause tension and misunderstanding. Many couples I see are interested in prevention of conflicts and use couples therapy to enhance a good working relationship.

I meet with couples for 45 minutes to an hour, usually one time per week.


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